Since founding Implant Pathway in 2017, Dr. Moody has provided implant education to over 500+ dentists. He has successfully trained dentists in implantology at any stage in their careers.

Throughout 20+ years practicing dentistry, I have found reward and satisfaction in helping transform the smiles of my patients. I have found a way to share my passion of giving a patient their smile back with other dentists, by founding Implant Pathway, a continuing education program that teaches dentists how to place dental implants. My goal is to train and empower other dentists to help their patients in ways they never thought they could.

Justin Moody, DDS

About Dr. Moody:

From ‘Implant Rodeos’ To Educating and Training New Implantologists

Dr. Moody became a dentist in 1997 and returned home to join the practice of his childhood dentist. As he treated patients, he came to believe that dentures, partials, and bridges were not long-term solutions for people, and that implants offered far greater healing, aesthetics, convenience, and permanence.

Dr. Moody took implant coursework in 1998 and began offering implants. He found a mentor in a family friend in Lincoln, NE. Together, they would regularly set aside a day where 3 or 4 implantologists would place implants on those who could not afford it.

As he practiced, Dr. Moody recognized the Implantology field had two big needs:


More dentists could provide these services, but were not trained to do so (and often required extensive travel), and


 Not everyone who needed implants could afford private practice fees.

He is a co-founder of the Dentists, Implants & Worms Podcast, which has 220+ episodes and counting of the implant industry’s leading podcast.

His Implant Pathway Study Club presents Live Implant Case Reviews every week, and allows doctors to share their own cases, ask questions of Implant Pathway Faculty, continue to grow as practitioners, and get feedback.



American Board of
Oral Implantology

Diplomate Master
and Fellow

International Congress
of Oral Implantologists

Honored Fellow, Fellow
and Associate Fellow

American Academy of
Implant Dentistry

Master and Fellow

Misch International
Implant Institue

Adjunct Professor

University of Nebraska
Medical Center


Kois Center

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Dentists, Implants & Worms Podcast

220+ episodes and counting
of the implant industry’s
leading podcast.

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