Justin D. Moody, DDS

Practitioner | Educator | Entrepreneur | Philanthropist

“Through 20+ years of being a dentist I have been blessed to have helped so many of my patients smile and eat again. It has also shown me my true passion — education. The Pathway is a series of continuing education continuums designed to train and empower dentists to serve their patients in ways they never thought possible.”

- Dr. Justin Moody

Dr. Moody graduated from the University of Oklahoma College of Dentistry in 1997, then returned home to join the practice of his childhood dentist in Crawford Nebraska. While treating his patients, he realized that dentures, partials, and bridges were not the best solutions, and that dental implants were the only true tooth replacement solution. Offering dental treatments that he would not have done to himself, Dr. Moody was convinced the people of rural Nebraska could and should have the very best.

It is only through the mentorship of Dr. Roger Plooster (who also grew up in Crawford Nebraska) that Dr. Moody found his path to Dental Implants. It is here that he discovered several things.

1. The people of Western Nebraska deserved to have state of the art dental care powered by today's latest technology.
2. It is our responsibility to help those who are less fortunate and to help dentist be better.

That’s where his story begins…

Dr. Moody's Ventures

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From creating a continuing education program, to developing a non-profit organization for patients in desperate need of quality dental care, to co-founding one of the most popular dental implant podcasts available, Dr. Moody keeps busy. Check out what he’s up to and follow him on Instagram for the latest updates.

Continuing education allows you to take your career in directions you never thought possible. Through live, hands-on dental implant education, we empower our doctors to change real patients' lives with a new smile powered by CAD/CAM. The Pathway shows dentists where their passions lie, and provides a way to get there.

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Dr Moody teaching

New Horizon institute

Everyone deserves access to quality dentistry — especially those in desperate need of treatment. As a 501c3-designated non-profit dental clinic founded by Dr. Justin Moody, New Horizon Institute provides life-changing oral care for less than private practice fees.

If you are someone who needs dental implants, please reach out to New Horizon Institute to learn about our programs.

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Dentists, Implants & Worms

Interested in all things implantology... and fireball? So are we. Dr. Justin Moody and Dr. Randy Houska co-host the implant industry’s leading podcast — Dentists, Implants & Worms. Check out our 250+ episodes and counting.

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